Yoder’s Muscadine Grape Seed & Skin Extract


2oz Bottle with Dropper

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Muscadines are a powerful, super food, native to the southern United States.  Muscadines contain the health benefits of both grapes & berries!

Muscadine Grapes are extremely high in antioxidants & have been clinically proven to support the human body in many ways. Impressive clinical studies have been done by Wake Forest& John Hopkins Universities on this incredible fruit.

Most Muscadine Grape products available on the market contain only the seeds & leave out the super benefits of the skins. Yoder’s Muscadine Grape Seed & Skin Extract contain both the seeds & the skins!

Suggested uses for all extracts: ¼ teaspoon or one dropper, 1 – 4 times per day. Dose can be added to juice or water if desired.

Note* If you have a medical condition or are taking a prescription, talk to your doctor before taking this product.

Herbal Extracts FAQs

Question Is this an original recipe?
AnswerYes. Amber has been making herbal tinctures for our family & friends for a number of years & we are happy to now be able to offer them to you as well. Each formula we offer has been researched & tested to make sure it brings you the best results possible.
Question Can these replace my medications?
AnswerNot necessarily, However in today’s world of high powered drugs & instant gratification, many of the natural, God-given herbs have been overlooked.  While there are times we need the modern drugs, many times the old fashioned, natural herbs can do amazing things for our bodies if given the chance & taken on a regular basis.
Question Are all the ingredients organic?
AnswerYes. All the herbs used in our extracts are organic, wild crafted, & or grown without the use of chemicals. The extraction process is done with alcohol in order to offer the best shelf life & the strongest herbal extraction.

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