Yoder’s Good Health Recipe

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Yoder’s Good Health Recipe is a unique all-natural herbal tonic that has been used by satisfied customers for over seventeen years. It’s an old family recipe that combines the goodness of aged apple cider vinegar and fourteen herbs and spices.

YGHR is an old world product made in an old-world way. It contains no added sugar.

The ginseng used in our recipe is 100% wild-grown Kentucky Mountain Ginseng, the best in the world.


Because of FDA regulations we cannot make any claims about the Good Health Recipe as it is an herbal product. We can tell you that we have many, many satisfied users & if you do some research on apple cider vinegar & the different herbs, you will be able to educate yourself on the health benefits that people have experienced.

We cannot make any medical claims that it will cure any ailment. It is an herbal home remedy, so what it may do for one person, it may not do for another. 

We recommend 1 – 2 oz per day. 1 oz = 2 Tablespoons or 2 oz = ¼ cup.

Many people enjoy taking the YGHR in the morning before breakfast, but if it is too strong for your stomach, we recommend taking it after or between meals.

Many people enjoy taking the YGHR straight, while others who don’t like the vinegar taste may dilute it with some water or juice. The Good Health Recipe is also excellent as a dressing sprinkled on your salad or sandwich or as a healthy ingredient added to your smoothy.

We do not recommend taking this product while pregnant or nursing.

 Many children enjoy the YGHR but we recommend taking a smaller dosage and diluting it in water or juice.

 It is important to the YGHR consistently in order to be able to experience the benefits. Everyone’s body is different; the benefits one person may experience may vary from yours. Some people notice some results immediately. Others take it as a daily Supplement to help support a healthy system.

 Yes, it is caffeine free. However, some of the herbs used, like the ginseng, may boost energy levels.

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Weight 25 oz

2 reviews for Yoder’s Good Health Recipe

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Been taking this for 3 months and feel amazing! Highly recommend this stuff!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    been taking yoders for over year i am never tired and in great health dont know what id do without it

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